GBWhatsApp APK Download (Latest 2020) for Android

Hiya guys, today, we will see one of the slenderest apps in the custom android list. We can see a simple overview of this before. First, we almost present what's the main application(Whatsapp) on our android phone when we buy another mobile phone. Right, it is the most popular technology used by over 100 million consumers worldwide. At the moment, it has become a groundbreaking software. We can see that a large part of the cell phone uses Whatsapp in their Android device, with about 90% of consumers. In these rows, we know what is so remarkable about it. We have provided GBWhatsApp APK the most current version APK 2020, the direct download interfaces.

GBWhatsapp APK:

gbwhatsapp apk download is a changed version of the WhatsApp to give us the most glare-ups. Your Whatsapp experience will be advanced by using this application. Since open-source form, individuals appear to be indistinguishable in such enormous numbers.
The GBWhatsapp Apk is beautifully and presents us with all the most open highlights. In comparison to ordinary Whatsapp, I can promise you 100% propelled highlights. I'm sure that you'll be adding this as your first instinct after using this mod Apk. This was an extremely high-end user interface and changed highlights to tailor your app look. I saw so many people who found it to be incredibly worthwhile. You need to download the GBWhatsapp Apk to achieve the best experience.
The main concern over the Whatsapp authority is the part that GbWhatsapp Apk has access to. So ensure that you get the best participation, we delivered you the latest update, and we have assured that the GBWhats App APK for Android is entirely safe, so install.

GBWhatsapp Features:

  • Hide View Confidentiality Status.
  • Save status/story, added hide chat feature.
  • New Included Emojis.
  • Now the feature Video Calling functions.
  • Up to 50 MB of videos.
  • Up to 35 characters, the group name.
  • Many bugs have been addressed since submitting videos.
  • You cover the last visibility Blue clicks, Second click, message typing, and more.
  • Also, on your clipboard, you can copy another person's status.
  • Up to 600 individuals can be sent concurrently.
  • The status of 255 characters can be set without any complications instead of 139 characters.
  • Communication supports over 100 +.
  • Easily change the topic by moving to the subject alternative.
  • 24-hour online mode (consume more battery).
  • It can be downloaded without clashing together with the original WhatsApp.
  • Build and upload to GBWhatsApp your WhatsApp theme.
  • Instead of 10 pictures, send images up to 90 in one click.
  • Click connections without the WhatsApp group manager and contact numbers saving.
  • Capacity to copy WhatsApp's selected text.
  • Without third-party software, you can add a lock on your WhatsApp.
  • The software icon and warning icon may also be modified.


During the installation of your official stock WhatsApp, multiple GB Whatsapp versions can still be run together without any complications, thereby allowing various separate whatever-app accounts on one device. This is the strength of a GBwhatsapp. Do not hesitate to leave a comment that will help us improve our content and allow us to give you the best.

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