Facebook v129. APK Download for Android

Download Facebook v129. APK for your Android:

Facebook APK is a social app which connects you to the world. So, today we are talking about this app and we will share it with you.  Most of you have knowledge about Facebook but some people have not used it. If you are not using facebook so download it now because this app most important to you when you are using it one kind of your identification in society and you become a social men. This is an interesting App  that connect you with anyone sitting in any corner of this world, By using this app you can message him  and also call him face to face. Now, you may realize how much important Facebook in your life. You can make friends on your Facebook and always stay connect with him/her, you can post photos and status and your Facebook friends can see these post and the most amazing thing is that your friends can like your post and comment on it. In your Facebook account, you have a profile which depends upon your name, Email address, photo and last important thing your mobile number then your profile is complete so this is one type of identification on Facebook. You can make the group so you always connect with your account members, download any type of video by this app and can share your ideas on your account. You can also get information and news by it. If you want to download this app then download it from the below link which is in the last of this post but also read how to use Facebook.


How to use Facebook:

1. First of all download Facebook APK on your Android phone or tablet by the given link.

2. After downloading Facebook APK, tap to open and install it on your Android phone.

3. When installation complete tap to open it and there is an option like (creat new account) click on it.

4. Then there are some formalities like name, birth, sex, and your phone number fill up these all and at last, there is a (next) button click on it.

5. At last, there is an inter-code option so don't worry Facebook give a code to your mobile number. put this code on your last option then your account is ready.

So, the Dear user download Facebook right now and become social from today. Download it at the below link and enjoy. Thanks for connecting with our site.

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